Sunday, September 27, 2009

Health Expectations

"What are your goals, hopes and expectations for me as your chiropractor?"

This is a question I always ask to determine exactly how a new practice member wants to be cared for. This is where I get to just sit and listen to how a person is made up.
  • What drives him or her?
  • How much they want to be active in the health partnership?
  • Do they want a quick patch job?
  • How important their body is to them.
I even get to hear about what they believe their potential for life is.
It is a pretty cool time to put aside my paradigm for health and hear what someone else’s is.

Make no bones about it though, regardless of what the answer is, my job is to find out what has caused the lose the health and how to help get it back completely. At the very minimum my job is to Inform him or her exactly how to get it back and let he or she decide.

If your doctor asked you this question, what would you say?

Your Health Mentor,
Dr. Rob Anderson

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